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Sorry, but I just had to vent about that cover story

Paso Robles



I just picked up a New Times, with Rodi Bragg on the cover (“Paso’s cop headache,” Aug. 18). Oh my gosh, I could not even sit and read that article in one sitting. I am appalled and disgusted by officer Bromby and that the Paso PD did nothing for this girl or the other incidents that you mentioned. Great job to New Times for getting this in the public eye, but it is a shame at what expense this had to happen to Rodi over a damn bottle of water on a hot day!

I have known Rodi since junior high, and she is a sweet young one; she is not a big troublemaker or outspoken and loud. Anyway, none of that would even matter. The way this was handled was totally wrong, and I cannot believe he was able to resign—with money to boot!

I hope people will not forget about this and speak up and hold Paso PD responsible and make sure that it never happens again. I don’t know how they can even try to justify it, and that is troubling, standing up for that man who in my book is not even a man! He is not a servant of the people, he is not out to protect, he is out to make himself feel important and superior, and that is a shame for the good police officers out there.

I hope someone reads what happened and is able to make a difference and bring some justice. I think if Bromby is at all smart, he will take his money and leave the area. It’s a shame that he will go to another community and probably do the same thing.

This was a very sad story. Nothing is going to change what happened to Rodi, and I’m sorry the police were not there to help her, but to cover their own for his wrongdoing is just plain and simple wrong! I just had to vent. This was very upsetting to me.

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