Sorry, seniors



Ride-On, the countywide shuttle service that offers low-cost rides for seniors, announced that it will have to increase senior fares by $2 for round trips. The fares will go from $2 per one-way ride to $3 per one-way ride starting July 1, according to Ride-On Director Mark Schaffer, who said that the increase was directly related to rising gas prices.

“This is going to have a major impact on seniors living on fixed incomes,” Schaffer said. “But there’s just no way around it.”

Schaffer said that the $3 fee will still only cover about 10 percent of the ride’s actual cost, after staff and general operational costs are factored in. Schaffer said that Ride-On will intensify its fundraising efforts, and that SLO Mayor Dave Romero will star in an upcoming commercial for the nonprofit group.

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