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New Times Staff Writer Karen Garcia and I have been talking about Spam a lot lately. Yes, that is the processed meat that comes out of a can. Before you judge us, though, listen up to what we've been salivating over. Spam musubi. A thick slice of freshly opened Spam, fried up in teriyaki sauce. Slide that delicious morsel of mystery meat onto a bed of freshly packed sushi rice, wrap a piece of nori around it, brush it with more teriyaki sauce. Are you with me? No? Well, you should be, because it's good. It's a mouthwatering pick-me-up. You could make it yourself, or you could head on down to Santa Maria and stop into Zoe's Hawaiian BBQ, where the Spam musubi is fresh and only $2.50 a piece. They also have Double "D" Spam Musubi, which is two pieces of fried Spam, and musubi made with teriyaki beef, teriyaki chicken, or Portuguese sausauge (which is calling my name). But, you can also choose to go hog, cow, and chicken wild with The Big One. It's an all of the above meat attack served with seasoned white rice and wrapped in seaweed. Go big or go home, people.

The Big One weighs in at $8.50. For that and other Hawaiian delights, visit Zoe's at 2880 Santa Maria Way in Santa Maria. Visit to get your taste buds ready to eat. Δ

Editor Camillia Lanham is ready for a trip to Santa Maria. Send tips, treats, and tasty morsels to

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