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Speak up: 'War is not the answer'

Marilyn Hoback Cronk



It is heartening that a majority of Americans now have grown so weary of financing the endless war in the Middle East, and of sacrificing our precious sons and daughters, that a serious decision to bring it to an end is urgent. Too many people have now suffered economically, morally, and physically.

We now understand that Afghanistan is a land of corruption, ongoing alliances to warlords, and divided loyalties. Why do we feel that our interference there will provide a stability that could only be achieved by its own people? Our presence there remains an enigma; we are no safer from terrorists, and the people there still have centuries-old problems.

The recent Conference of Mayors has offered a resolution to stop the ongoing expenditure of $126 billion per year on wars. Instead, we need to reinvest in our country with providing critical social services, public infrastructure to repair bridges and roads, public education with its diminishing resources, and bringing jobs back from overseas.

Please let your representatives know that war is not the answer. Keep the momentum going to put an end to it and stop the financial drain on our dollars and putting our loved ones at risk.

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