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Everyone's pointing fingers at everyone. It's politics at its worst and it seems to be here to stay in San Luis Obispo County.

Oddly enough, it's not Facebook that's spurring all of the whacked out controversy heading into the March 3 primary. It's those freaking mailers! Who said print was dead?

Last week, it was all about the fight over the 5th District SLO County Board of Supervisors seat and a vote that took place more than 10 years ago during an Atascadero City Council meeting over the Veterans of War Memorial. It has nothing to do with the marijuana, water, homelessness, and affordable housing issues that the county is dealing with right now, but you know, who are we to let bygones be bygones?

Everyone is all in on their chosen candidate and everyone should hang on, because it's going to be one slimy ride.

Friends of Veterans in SLO County Primarily Formed to Oppose Ellen Beraud (you geniuses couldn't come up with something more efficient?)—aka some sketchy political action committee paid for in large part by our local elected officials—hit all District 5 mailboxes with their anti-Beraud best. She's anti-veteran and can't be trusted with our votes! Plus her skin's kind of grey.

The PAC whose goal is obviously to re-elect Debbie Arnold is separate enough that the mailers can't be tied directly to our conservative-minded incumbent, but we all know what's happening. Those "friends of vets" want to keep the county's Board of Supervisors just the way it is, in all of its conservative, anti-tax, anti-climate change, pro-business, pro-Trump glory.

Yeah, we get it! You hate liberals, "progressives," "socialists," and whatever else you people want to call voters who contain an ounce of what I like to call empathy.

But it still seems odd to me that the flyers flying into District 3 mailboxes look eerily similar in design—big block lettering, sketchy looking image of a grey-appearing 3rd District incumbent Adam Hill, scare tactics at their best (worst)—but are paid for directly by the candidate's campaign!

I guess Stacy Korsgaden has no qualms about exactly what kind of campaign she's running at this point in the game. Stacy K is diggin' deep into the filth of slime and mud, and she just don't give AF. The sweet-faced insurance agent who said she was ready to get into the Board of Supervisors sandbox and not throw sand like her opponent does is actually ruthless!

Hill is an easy guy to throw sand at, of course. Regardless of this head-above-the-fray attitude he's been carrying around for the last year or two, we all know who he really is and how deep into the mud he likes to go.

But this latest anti-Hill mailer was shocking. There's not another word for it.

"Did 'professor' Adam Hill prey on students?" the flyer posits. "Stop creepy Supervisor Adam Hill."


The flyer lists the only four sexually-related complaints out of 60 that were posted on polyratings.com about the Cal Poly classes he taught between 2001 and 2008. And yes, it definitely makes you do a double take. It definitely makes you question Hill's actions. But Stacy K, did your team go any further than that? Were any official complaints filed with the university's Title IX office?

According to those polyratings.com posts, Hill is also really funny, not really all that funny, goes on rants about politics, is a tough teacher, an easy teacher, practical, terrible, interesting, and a waste of time. Also, watch out if you don't agree with him!

I can vouch for that last one. It's an absolute fact. You should see the emails he's sent New Times over the years—or you could talk to the Tribune reporter who interviewed him about harassing emails he allegedly sent to talk radio host Dave Congalton in 2016. Hill doesn't hold back when he doesn't like what you've got to say.

Anyone who's engaged in an argument with him can tell you.

Stacy K, all you really had to do is read a local newspaper prior to 2018, and you wouldn't even have to reference CalCoastNews in your little attack ads. He told one of his constituents to "fuck off" in a Facebook post, called former SLO mayoral candidate T. Keith Gurnee a "little minx" who was gay for him, got mad at a bunch of businesses for not putting "their money where their mouth is" and donating to his campaign, and there's more where that came from.

Plus, we do this little thing called fact-checking before we just throw shit against the wall to see if it sticks—so that it sticks. Also, Democrats of San Luis Obispo County, what the hell? Will no one say anything to him? I want to see that on a flyer!

Meanwhile over at the Oceano Community Services District, board member Cynthia Replogle is still stirring it up with her fellow board members, ruffling feathers, and causing uncomfortably tense scenes to play out in front of the public. You better watch out ladies, you just might get a new show—The Real Board Members of Oceano—based on all of the drama we've had to witness over the last couple of months. Δ

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