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Spend wisely

Arroyo Grande



The holiday season is here and we must think about why we celebrate. Is it for the birth of Jesus? Is it to get together with family? To eat tons of food before our New Year’s resolutions to lose weight? Is it to put up ridiculous amounts of decorations? Or is it a time of giving to those who don’t have, and spreading love?   If you answered, decorations—shame on you. KSBY hosts a lighting contest; one resident said he spent $5,000 on lights. We really need to think about what’s important. As a child I loved the lights, but now in my older years (25 years old), I’ve come to realize how much those things cost. And I’ve realized how many people aren’t even sure whether they are going to have food on the table. To that man, I hope you also donated $5,000 to the various homeless shelters, including Sunny Acres. And as a Cuesta College student who hasn’t seen $5,000 in the last three years combined, I’m appalled that you can just throw away that much money on something that really is meaningless, other than for your own selfish pride.   St. Nicholas spent his money on bringing food and money to the poor. That’s the holiday tradition on we should be focus. Think of someone else and help them have a better holiday. The smile you see on their face will bring more joy than you could imagine.

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