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Spring clean your body



Spring has sprung, and what better way to show it than to drop old, cliché mass de-hoardings of closets and attics for newer enterprises like ridding your body of unwanted toxins?

We’re talking, of course, about a body cleanse, and it can be the perfect way to usher in the arrival of the spring season. Just like those Beanie Babies you claimed would one day be worth a fortune, there’s no reason to keep certain byproducts of your body’s major functions lying around in there.

Instead of paying an arm and a leg and a lower intestine for a detoxification at a spa, you can simply make a trip to the local grocery store to get everything you need.

(For another take on detox, check out the commentary on page 18.)

San Luis Obispo’s New Frontier’s well being center offers a great selection of inexpensive detoxification kits, which can cover everything from the digestive system to the lymphatic system. A two-week kit can range from $20 to $35. For the die-hard cleansers, there’s also a one-month kit for $31.99.

Another way to detoxify the body is products like milk thistle and spirulina.

“Think green,” says employee Camille Silva.

Spirulina, a microalgae, is packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals, which help keep the body’s digestive system on the right track. Milk thistle is a great way to help right your liver after an eventful St. Patrick’s Day, or use it as an everyday-way of keeping your body functioning at optimal speed.

So this spring, feel free to clean out some of the unwanted body clutter. It’s a practice John Wayne could have used in his lifetime. Rumor has it that the man took 40 pounds of fecal matter with him to his grave. Although, according to, Wayne was full of something—but it certainly wasn’t that much poop.

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