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Spring, sprang, sprung!



It won't stay green for long: Now is the time to take that farm tour you've been putting off (we all know those hills will turn gold soon enough). The weather is perfect for a stroll through fragrant fields at Harmony Lavender in Atascadero (book at Perhaps you're looking for a cheesier experience, and in that case, Stepladder Creamery in Cambria has the goat's milk on lock ( ... Budbreak has occurred in Paso Robles and Parrish Family Vineyards! What's that mean? Well, the vines have pushed open their leaves and awakened out of winter dormancy. In spring, daylight and temperatures increase, which encourages the vines to pull up stored water and macro-nutrients from the roots to the limbs. This means fruit is well on its way! You can learn more about this fascinating and magical time at (and find a host of spring-a-licious wine adventures at ... Hospice du Rhone in Paso Robles uncorks April 26 through 28, celebrating the best local Rhone wine producers ( for tickets). Δ

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