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Start the draft, stop the war




The point of my Nov. 12 commentary, “I’m with Bill Moyers: Bring back the draft” (and Moyers’ as well), which letter writer Terry Mohan (“Hell no,” Nov. 19) missed entirely, is exactly his gut reaction to it: “If the draft were reinstated, I would have my daughter out of this country so fast it would make Dick Cheney’s head spin,” he wrote.

Bring back the draft, and the pressure on Congress by people like him to end the war by de-funding it would be swift and final. That’s what Moyers, and I, were saying.

As is, with the volunteers and professionals doing all the heavy lifting, there is no real urgency to pull the war plug, no matter how much it costs. Put everyone’s children at risk, and the futility of the current strategy would become instantly crystal-clear.

-- John Winthrop - Cayucos

-- John Winthrop - Cayucos

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