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State Parks' failure


Thank you to the California Coastal Commission for its futurist reimaging of the park in the newly released staff report for the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area. Due to the park's closure to OHVs last year, many people have for the first time experienced the magnificence of the Oceano Dunes.

This area is a geological wonder and is the largest intact coastal dunes system in the world. The new staff report shows that off-road riding degrades the habitat, causes air quality issues, and does not economically contribute to Oceano as much as off-road riders want the public to believe.

Local residents and visitors would spend more time and money in Oceano if they felt it was a safe environment for pedestrian enjoyment. Other beach communities are thriving even during pandemic times!

But what does State Parks propose? Moving the problem south in its draft plan. This would dramatically impact Oso Flaco and change land use where Phillips 66 is into an area with everything from a gun range to more riding, as well as increased traffic, light, noise, and air pollution.

Support the Coastal Commission and save this unique dunes area. State Parks has failed to come up with a solution.

Linda Reynolds


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