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Stealing signs is no way to support your candidate



Over the weekend, Eric Michielssen yard signs were stolen in select neighborhoods around Santa Margarita. Michielssen is challenging Debbie Arnold for 5th District supervisor on a platform of tolerance, civility, and fact-based decision-making that considers the needs of ALL residents. If yard signs are any indication, Michielssen has strong support within the community of Santa Margarita.

If damaging others’ property, trespassing, and obstructing democracy is the best argument you can make for your choice of county supervisor, your campaign is in trouble. Childish acts might make you feel better, but they only serve to advertise your haughty disregard for others. Trying to intimidate and silence Michielssen’s supporters under cover of darkness only strengthens our resolve. Friends and neighbors of Santa Margarita, and all of District 5, come together in voting for Eric Michielssen on June 7, to bring some much-needed common sense, and basic decency, back to the 5th District.

-- Peg Grady - Santa Margarita

-- Peg Grady - Santa Margarita

-- Peg Grady - Santa Margarita

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