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Compare and contrast exercises, health benefits, getting involved, total fitness, and personal challenges




Home to Chuck Liddell, Stephanie Brown Trafton, Victor Plata, and other elite athletes, San Luis Obispo County boasts moderate temperatures that are ideal for year-round activity. Escape on hill trails, listen to the rhythm of waves on a paddle board, kick a soccer ball around with the adult league, or fire up your legs and appetite with the SLO Bike Club. Opportunities abound!

“We inherited the anatomy and metabolic machinery that thrives on physical activity and ‘rusts,’ so to speak, if sedentary,” explained Steven Davis, Cal Poly’s professor of kinesiology.


Hear that? If you’re prone to “couch potato” status or obsessive Facebook snooping, here are some ideas to get you moving. Already moving? Challenge yourself this New Year by escaping outside your comfort zone. Consider the suggestions for other forms of exercise you might like—and at which you might excel.

Davis suggests a combination of stretching, aerobic exercise, and strength training to maintain cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and flexibility. Stretch and perform strength training two to three days per week and aerobic exercise every other day. Personal trainers, physical therapists, and recreation specialists can assist you in creating or fine tuning a routine.

Now stop reading and get out there!

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