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Steve's Hugo opinion was simply wrong

Grover Beach



Most of the time I really appreciate Glen and Steve’s movie reviews, even if I have a difference of opinion. That’s what makes opinions interesting. But when a review is so off the mark, I have to wonder if something is wrong with the reviewer.

In regards to his review of Hugo (“The best/worst ever,” Dec. 1), did Steve see something else? Hugo is a near modern classic, perhaps my favorite movie of the year, and there is absolutely no way that anyone can justifiably give it a “1” rating, as Steve did. I read through his negative comments a few times, which I found to be nitpicky and not quite substantiated, and even taking those comments into consideration, it still doesn’t explain a rating as low as he gave it. Maybe he was influenced by the company he went to see it with? That can happen.

However, I do want to thank Glen for being the voice of sanity (i.e., his review matches my own opinion quite nicely), although he could have slammed Steve even more.

Lastly, as a nod to Steve’s review: Face it, Steve. You’re wrong.


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