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Stop ‘Dream’-ing and do something


About our little nightmare problem and the Dreamers of Los Osos who envision a Disneyland sewer in the heart of town: Quit that daydreaming and help get this mess straightened up. Developers, Realtors, and Los Osos can find middle ground.

The Recall is punishment for those who railroaded us into this fiasco. They failed to stay on task with our mandate to bring us a sustainable, innovative wastewater system at a reasonable price in a sensible location. They caved in to partisan politics and gave us no choices.

Expert members of the community have spoken out, have been actively participating in the public process, and filed valid lawsuits and a revocation of the Coastal Permit (based on false info). We have requested an evaluation. No response. Disrespect grows stronger by the day.

Just as when we felt duped by Oswald & Associates in 2000 for a ponding system that couldn’t perform, we should feel duped again by Montgomery Harza Watson and Bruce Buel, CSD general manager. Those who can’t get the sleep out of their eyes deserve every rude awakening that the alarm clock brings.

Los Osos is destined to have an incredible sewer, one that wins awards, and we will retain our diversity for as long as we can by being good citizens instead of vultures. Wake up from the weird dream. This is no time to be asleep.

L. Owen

Los Osos

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