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Stop bickering

Shell Beach



We have a very serious economic crisis that is reaching Depression- era proportions in unemployment rates, and Republicans want to boycott the Economic Stimulus Package out of partisan pride and technicalities.

This is what you won’t hear on Fox News and other right-wing media: This bill will create or save 3 to 4 million jobs in the next two years. We have seen job losses of 65,000 in one day!
It will avert literally hundreds of thousands of teacher layoffs and double funding for the Department of Education. Did you know California ranks 49th in spending for education? Build schools, people, not prisons!

The bill will also create thousands of green jobs and double our clean energy production, which would be an extra incentive to bring more troops out of harm’s way because we will be more interested in rebuilding our own infrastructure for the long term, and finally it would give immediate affordable health-care coverage to those who have lost their jobs.
We spent billions of dollars bailing out banks with no transparency, no accountability, and no hope of seeing those dollars again. Let’s tell our representatives to pass something that actually affects blue-collar workers. Or does watching our downtown storefronts with close-out sales seem much more appealing? This is the time for trying to find solutions for all of us. If Republicans want to boycott this bill, they’d better have more than hot air to bring to the table.

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