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Stop making Grover Beach ugly


Grover Beach's City Council is at it again. It never seems to make a decision for the majority of its citizens, but instead concentrates on benefiting a few people, which often includes creating some non-priority monuments.

Allocating about $200,000 (the remainder of the Oak Park project funds) for completing sidewalks and two "bulb-outs" along the northwest portion of North Oak Park for nonexistent pedestrian traffic speaks loads of the Council's true intent for fixing the eastern gateway of our downtown area. Councilmen Versaw, Lieberman, and Mayor Shoals decided once again to spend taxpayer dollars unwisely. Councilman Ashton seemed to be the only "common sense" member of the panel.

Look east at Arroyo Grande's Western Grand Avenue entrance to see a "night and day" difference of two cities developing their respective downtowns. A.G. has a well-paved, clean, wide-area approach to its city. We have a rutted, dip rattling, and palm-tree-barricaded passage to our town. Is this meant to be a great first impression to locals and out-of-towners to Grover Beach?

When will we be getting rid of the abominable "palm trees" and potholes that currently adorn an important city gateway? Put the palms along our 4th Street entrance, filling a void once occupied by the oak trees. The city begs businesses to improve their facades, but what about setting an example with our Grand Avenue entry? Some of the councilmen need to apply "common sense" in future decisions. And asking citizens what their priorities are wouldn't hurt either.


Ken Grose

Grover Beach

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