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Stop politicizing county government

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Rather than taking a stand for good government practices, the majority of the SLO County Board of Supervisors sadly plays the political card on major issues. For example, after the board's own handpicked selection committee put forward the three candidates qualified by experience from the 44 applicants for the role of interim county clerk-recorder, the board majority wanted more candidates to consider. Why did it want to consider candidates who aren't qualified?

This issue is strikingly similar to the decision by the board majority to discount an independent analysis documenting the added costs of forming the county's own integrated waste management organization. Why? The Integrated Waste Management Authority worked for regional solutions and didn't kowtow to the board majority's own agenda.

Regardless of our personal political persuasions, we need a county government that rises above politics and votes for good governance. We need governance that everyone can trust to make the right decisions and get things done.

We can only hope that the constituents who have elected the board majority appreciate the bad precedents that rabid political agendas instill in county government. We all deserve fair and efficient service delivered in a nonpartisan way.

Don Maruska

Los Osos


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