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Stop sanctuary status in SLO County

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My father was first-generation Italian, and my mother was born in Italy. Abandoned by her mother, she lived in poverty while her father earned money to bring her to America. My parents loved this country and were thankful every single day to be here and came in through Ellis Island legally.

What I see today is that the open border insanity welcomes those that hate America and want to destroy what we all have built with a Constitution avoiding dictatorship rule. When you come here under the Progressive Party's banner of open borders you are moving us back to living under dictatorship rule.

Immigrants in the past built up America while immigrants coming in without permission are destroying and burdening legal immigrants and all taxpayers. President Trump has the right idea. Build the wall! Stop illegal immigration.

The gangs, the illegal immigrant crimes, and forgiveness programs along with sanctuary state status saddens me and my fellow legal immigrants so very much as we carry on as first-generation citizens with the love for and of this country.

Stop sanctuary status in our cities and county, wake up, stand up, and just say "no!"

Laura Mordaunt

San Luis Obispo


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