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Stop the killings




The story about Dancing Star Ranch owners euthanizing horses brings to my mind two difficult events in my life. Five years ago I kissed my husband of 39 years goodbye when he died of cancer. A few months before that I kissed my mare, my partner for 25 years, goodbye as she was euthanized by her vet. She had a twisted intestine, was in terrible pain and there was no choice in the matter. The very idea that beloved animals have been unnecessarily put to death is unconscionable. I wasn’t privileged to have known Sue Stiles, but I had heard about her good heart, generosity, and compassion for years and thought maybe some day I would retire my mare with her so she could be with other older horses on that beautiful property. The employees who have witnessed, filmed, and reported these horrific stories have no reason to lie.

Please make these people stop the killing: They have millions of dollars to work with and no excuses. I don’t have money, but I have a pasture and empty barn.

-- Marty Brown - Atascadero

-- Marty Brown - Atascadero

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