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Making the Connection

Anyone who has ever visited a chiropractor is all too familiar with the jarring "crraack!" of the neck and back as the practitioner attempts to move the body back into alignment. The experience can be so startling that some people choose to forego treatment all together, missing out on the many positive aspects of chiropractic therapy. Fortunately for them (and maybe you, too) Essential Connection in Arroyo Grande specializes in a kinder, gentler approach that's pleased even the most squeamish patients.

Santa Maria native Jennifer Stowasser had a passion for the healing arts that eventually led her to Life Chiropractic College West in the Bay Area, where she graduated in 2002 with top honors. It was there that she learned about biogeometric integration, a technique created by a seismologist-turned-chiropractor that focuses on how the entire body, soft tissue and bone, relates as an "all-one tectonic piece." By first addressing the muscles and ligaments, bones are slowly coaxed into proper alignment. The usual "crracck" turns into something more of a light "pop", still stimulating the muscles and releasing tension, but sparing the patient the shock normally associated with a visit to the chiropractor.

A pleasant experience with a chiropractor can enhance every aspect of a patient's life. With relief from pain, people find they have more athletic endurance, better concentration, increased confidence and greater overall satisfaction. A cycle of wellness is created, allowing the patient to be an active participant in his or her physical and mental health. Ms. Stowasser explains that with "the whole body integrated as one, the adjustment affects you, head to toe." This might just be what the "essential connection" is all about.

Stowasser returned to the Central Coast to be with her family and share her talents with the community she loves. She invites you to make a free, introductory appointment with her and see for yourself how totally unintimidating an adjustment can be. She's certain you'll enjoy it enough you'll soon be "back' for more.

Essential Connection is located at138 W. Branch St., Ste. C in Arroyo Grande Village. For more info call 481-4244.



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Kevin and Cathy Main of Kevin Main Jewelers just recently opened a new gift shop at 718 Higuera in SLO. Studio 718 offers jewelry, art, handbags and fresh flowers in a rustic brick setting. They even make "bouquets to-go" that they'll deliver to your car outside the shop! For more info call 547-0718. ...



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