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Strzepek is for students

San Luis Obispo



Throughout my time living here as a Cal Poly student, I have tried to make a positive impact on San Luis Obispo. I have chosen to be heavily involved as a student leader not only to benefit myself and fellow students but also affect positive change in the community. I believe that not only cooperation but a partnership is essential between locals and students so that this city becomes the ideal home for all of us.

I have become deeply frustrated by our city's current leaders and their attitude toward young people and creativity. With the exception of one, no city council candidate or incumbent has made a sincere effort to reach out to students and empower us to make our voices heard. Instead, Cal Poly and Cuesta students are treated like a festering wound the city tries to slap a bandage on to cover it up. Instead of reaching out to students, artists, people of color, and impoverished residents, the city wastes its time and money on plastic bag bans and criminalizing the homeless.

However, Matt Strzepek has defied my previous experience with city leadership. He has made a genuine effort to reach out to students and hear what we have to say. He respects students and artists whole heartedly, and that alone separates him from all other candidates running for City Council. It has been refreshing to see a candidate in the news pursuing honesty and ethics throughout this election instead of dirty partisan cronyism like the other candidates. Matt has my vote. I have faith that, if elected, he will be a powerful ally to students and support our efforts for activism and creativity.

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