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Summer harvest pizza: taste the rainbow


It's summer baby, and that means plums are popping off my tree, squash are blooming to pert perfection, and there's an overabundance of, well, everything in the garden—especially heirloom cherry tomatoes, which are finally ready and offering up juicy little morsels of orange, red, and yellow.

When my head spins and I start to feel super overwhelmed about what to do with this cornucopia of deliciousness in my yard (not to mention on farmers' market tables across the county), I usually reach for a handy pizza crust and throw the toppings where they may. Think of it as splatter paint art for the tummy. I always like an unexpected mix of fruit, veggies, and greens (a post-oven topping of citrus-drizzled arugula, fresh thyme, preserved peaches, or sweet barbecued corn offer up a particularly satisfying counter to the standard basil-tomato-cheese).

But ... where to get really good pizza crust? I say ditch the mega box stores and go local! You can purchase delicious locally made dough (including some gluten-free versions) at Piemonte's Italian Delicatessen, Giuseppe's Cucina Rustica, Woodstock's Pizza, and the SLO Foods Cooperative to name a few. Never leave a store or restaurant without first checking the deli or freezer section—you might miss the most amazing crust of all!

Need some epic mozzarella to dollop on top of your creative summer slices? Of course you do. Stop by DePalo and Sons in Shell Beach for heavenly mozza balls crafted by longtime SLOcal Dr. Louis Tedone himself. Trust me, the guy's been making mozzarella by hand for longer than most of the New Times staffers have been alive! So get creative and get hungry ... because summer won't wait! Happy tossing.

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