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Supervisors should stop stalling and ban dune driving

Shell Beach



Let’s see if I have this straight: Vehicle traffic in the Oceano Dunes has destroyed a natural crust that keeps tiny silicia particles (10 microns and smaller) from blowing into inhabited areas in large quantities. When these particles are breathed in, they remain in the lungs and cause serious problems, some leading to death.

The Board of Supervisors is bound by law to protect the health and safety of citizens. A process of banning vehicle use in the dunes together with replanting native plants would allow mother nature to rebuild the protective crust.

 Board inaction can result in ongoing health problems for everything that breathes in the areas downwind of the dunes. Incredibly, inaction is exactly what is going on in the face of this immediate threat.

I want the Board of Supervisors to immediately exercise its authority to ban vehicles from the dunes and begin a restoration process.

Anything less is willfully allowing public health to be seriously damaged.

-- David Georgi - Shell Beach

-- David Georgi - Shell Beach

-- David Georgi - Shell Beach

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