Supes block Oceano dispensary



Despite praising Tammy Murray’s proposal for a medical marijuana dispensary in Oceano as the “best we’ve seen,” county supervisors agreed the facility isn’t a good fit for the South County community.

Though the SLO County Planning Commission voted 4-1 in favor of Murray’s application in November, an appeal filed by Oceano Advisory Council Chair Barbara Mann raised issues about the location of the facility, as did Sheriff Ian Parkinson, when it went to county supervisors March 6.

Mann’s appeal questioned why the Planning Commission waived a county land use ordinance requirement that such facilities be at least 1,000 feet from recreational areas. While the facility was approximately 922 feet from the southeastern corner of Oceano Park—as the crow flies—it would have been much farther in street distance, and was out of sight of the park, county planners ruled.

And though the proposed facility was in a commercial zone, Mann and Parkinson noted that there are residences around the building, and questioned the safety of those residents.

Nearly everyone involved—including Parkinson—praised Murray’s thoroughness and good intentions. But, as Mann said, the issue came down to “location, location, location.”

“I’m greatly conflicted on this,” said Supervisor Adam Hill. “We try not to make the perfect the enemy of the good, but in this case I think it has to be.”

Supervisor Bruce Gibson, who sat on the Planning Commission when it approved the county’s land use ordinance, said he had to reluctantly agree with the appeal, but noted that there should be at least one location within the county where qualified people can access medicinal marijuana.

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