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Support Sjany De Groot



We strongly support Sjany de Groot and the work her loving family and staff does for children with special needs. Our granddaughter has a serious genetic disorder that affects her brain activity and prevents her from speaking, walking, and living a normal life. The De Groot Home has done an extraordinary job of nurturing and caring for her for almost 17 years.

The exceptional care they have provided for our granddaughter has extended her life far beyond what was expected when she was born. We believe the unique home environment provided by Sjany has been a major factor in extending and improving her quality of life. The existing open floor plan provides a healthy and cheerful living area with ample natural light and visual stimulation from the ongoing activities of the staff and other children. This seems far more preferable than the institutional and bedroom cubicle environment that the state
is requiring.

We believe there is tremendous support within the community for Sjany and the work she has done with special needs children over the last 30 years. If you would like more information, please check out their website at degrootsnursinghome.org/index.html.

-- John & Andrea Euphrat - Atascadero

-- John & Andrea Euphrat - Atascadero

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