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Support the End of Life Option Act



I am very pleased to provide readers with an important legislative update regarding the subject of a recent New Times opinion piece written by Dr. Zaf Iqbal, “The Dignified Choice” (Aug. 6).

On Aug. 18, the End of Life Option Act was reintroduced in the state Assembly Public Health Committee during the special session called by the governor. The bill’s new designation is ABX2-15. The deadline to bring the bill to the governor’s desk is Sept. 11.

ABX2-15 would allow terminally ill adults with the mental capacity to make medical decisions in the final stages of their disease to request medication from a physician to bring about a peaceful death. Californians should be free to choose how they die. This private, personal decision must be free from governmental interference.

All supporters are urged to immediately contact state Assemblymember Katcho Achadjian (R-San Luis Obispo) and ask for his “aye” vote. Requesting Katcho’s support for ABX2-15 can be done by:

1) Calling his office at 549-3381 for an in-person meeting (he’s in on Fridays).

2) Dropping into his SLO office at 1150 Osos St., suite 207, and speak to staff.

3) Sending an email: assemblyman.achadjian@assembly.ca.gov.

4) Simply calling his office to ask for his “aye” vote.

For more information, visit compassionandchoices.org.

-- Tim Rochte - Los Osos

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