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Support the Oceano airport




In the Aug. 9 issue there was a letter referencing development of the Oceano beach area and airport I want to respond to.

The writer seems to be bothered by the users of Oceano airport, whom she describes as some “elite” group. I am one of these “elite” people who used to sling asphalt, spray weeds and make our state highways safer for families; and the writer herself. Another pilot was recently called upon by the police to provide support in a rescue of some boaters that were in a serious problem. Other pilots have retired, saved their monies over the years, and fly 1 or 2 seat aircraft for enjoyment. The writer’s dream of a housing/store development on Pier Avenue seems to be suspiciously similar to that of a certain developer who bothers the Grover Beach and San Luis Obispo City Councils with his likewise fevered dream of a mega hotel/condo conversion plan for the Oceano Airport.

Perhaps the writer needs to acquaint herself with the individuals and businesses that use the Oceano airport.

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