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Supreme Court decision should spur action

Pismo Beach



Politicians spend much time collecting money for their campaigns. Don’t blame them: Without money, they would likely never attain the great honor of representing their fellow Americans. Yet to successfully maintain office, their time and focus are necessarily diverted from doing their job representing the people, to give disproportionate consideration to substantial donors.

Hopefully the recent Supreme Court decision unfettering corporate and union donations will bring campaign funding to greater public scrutiny. We need a better, open, less money-driven election system that will allow our representatives to spend all of their working hours serving the needs of the people, and not seeking campaign capital.

Perhaps it will become clearer to all of us that a corporation, however legally designated, is not and cannot ever be a “person” in the Constitutional sense, and therefore should not be afforded such personal rights as free speech. Somehow I believe our Supreme Court justices know this, had this in mind in reaching their decision, and await us to take responsive and judicious measures to bring more fairness to the election process.

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