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Switch to credit unions

Arroyo Grande



I quit using my MidState account when it got turned into a foreign-owned bank. Instead, I now use a locally owned and controlled credit union. Since then, banks have portrayed themselves as the new homeless. If we all refused to do business with banks and moved our accounts to credit unions, we’d see a lot of change with no need for our tax dollars enriching scandalous white-collar criminals. All you nice people who work for Citibank, Rabobank, Wells Fargo, or B of A locally can’t be rapacious scum, but you do work for them. While some of us still have some money, please recognize it for what it is: our only personal power. Take the money from a crooked bank and what have you got? A nice building for the soup kitchen so many more of us will be needing soon. Politicians are feeding this thievery. We can starve it. Take your money out of banks. For a glimpse of what banks are really up to, watch the documentary Maxed Out online or rent it. At least at a community credit union, you can attend a meeting and be heard.

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