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Tainted green

San Luis Obispo



A recent grand jury report on Oceano Dunes (“Deception or bumble?” June 18) investigated an issue of key interest to the Sierra Club. Local chapter director Andrew Christie hailed the report, saying, “The grand jury said the same thing we’ve been saying for the past two years.”
Shockingly, it has been uncovered that at least two grand jurors are actually Sierra Club members, and one has written extremely antagonistically about the dunes. This disqualifying personal bias, and the fact that the club is currently engaged in litigation regarding the very same issue as the grand jury report, amounts to gross conflict and tainting of SLO County’s grand jury.
The Sierra Club encourages members to join the grand jury and we see their members on many other local commissions and advisory committees. You can bet this is by design to manipulate authority and outcomes.
A complaint is being filed with this year’s incoming grand jury, and a full report is available at http://YourDunes.org/TaintedGreen.

-- Kevin P. Rice - San Luis Obispo

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