Talk about Diablo


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will hold its first community meeting since a June 2 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision that ordered the federal body to conduct a study on the environmental impact of a potential terrorist attack on Diablo Canyon.
The meeting is set for July 25 at the Embassy Suites hotel on Madonna Road in San Luis Obispo. A town hall comment session, at 6 p.m., will follow a 2:30 p.m. safety presentation on the coastal nuclear facility.
San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace brought a lawsuit in response to an apparent failure by the NRC to take an attack into account when it licensed power giant PG&E to construct dry storage casks for Diablo Canyon’s spent fuel rods. The second-highest court in the land agreed and prompted the NRC to fix the error, but neglected to issue a direct injunction against PG&E. Stating the decision only affected the NRC, the company continued construction of the storage casks.
Earlier this month, the peace group asked the NRC to revoke the construction permit. Now they plan to air their grievances before the local public, while the matter awaits a return to court.
Agency spokesman Victor Dricks stated that the upcoming forum constitutes part of an NRC policy to collect public-safety concerns in areas near nuclear power plants. It wasn’t scheduled in response to the litigation, he said. ∆

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