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Talk love

Arroyo Grande



Regarding Karen M. White’s letter (“Hate is no divine belief,” June 4), I completely agree: too many people who claim to be Christians, or a follower of any other organized religion, have misconstrued the ideals of their gods.

 I’ve been a Christian my whole life, and never do I remember reading anything that says “God hates (fill in the blank with a type of people).” I do remember something about “hate the sin, but not the sinner,” and that we are not supposed to judge, that is up to God to do. The God of the Bible, and I’m sure the gods of the other religions, are not about hatred, they are about love. God doesn’t hate fags (forgive 
the term).

Jesus preached love: love for everyone, including those with whom you don’t agree. He talked about being kind, and helping out those less fortunate. If a man has two blankets, and his neighbor has none, he should give the extra to his neighbor; sounds almost like socialism. Furthermore, read Matthew 20:1-15; to me, that sounds like communism. Jesus believed in socialism and communism (granted not as they have been practiced, but the way they were meant to be). Jesus was not a capitalist, those were the Pharisees. Pharisees were prideful, arrogant, and did not trust those who were not like them (sounds like Rush Limbaugh to me).

I also think Jesus would not own a gun.

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