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Tax dollars shouldn't bail out nuclear industry



Do you want your tax dollars to be used to bail out the nuclear industry? Do you want to see between $50 billion and $100 billion of taxpayer dollars used over the next decade to keep these unprofitable, expensive, dangerous, and dirty reactors operating? Do you want to accumulate more radioactive waste with nowhere to go?

From the very beginning, private enterprise has not been interested in investing in the risky nuclear industry, so the taxpayer was tapped to pay for most of the research and development. Now the American Jobs Act proposes to continue that pattern in the mistaken belief that nuclear can help solve the problem of climate change.

On the contrary, researcher Dr. Benjamin Sovacool concludes, "Every dollar you spend on nuclear, you could have saved five or six times as much carbon with efficiency or wind farms." His research is available insciencedirect.com.

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