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Teach a superhero


Superhero movies have been rampant in the last decade, many quite epic. They portray overcoming hardship, the struggle between good and evil, and fulfilling one's potential in the face of difficulty. Lofty stuff to tackle with a young child. But you know what's simple, what they all have in common? Adaptability.

The ability to change, to make the best of things, and be the best they could be. Those with extra abilities practiced to make the most of their gifts. Those who weren't "super" found a way to become more, whether via physical training or with technology and education. Your child has the same potential.

Teach them that superheroes are all around us.

That old man who feeds the pigeons at the park? His superpower is generosity. The firefighter who saves the house? His superpower is selflessness. And your child? They have the potential for infinite powers. Joy, kindness, laughter, intelligence, innovation, empathy, and imagination can be practiced daily.

How many stories are there about people who were on the verge of doing something awful, but a kind word set them on a different path? Whose hope was restored by the gift of a simple meal? What discoveries were made by thinking in a different way? Kids love to feel special, and superheroes bring a sparkle to almost every little one's eye. Coax out your child's inner hero and train them to use their powers for good. Teach them to look at the world and see what needs fixing. Ask what they did for someone else that day. Model how you care for others.

We need more kindness, and less carelessness; more education about recognizing and solving problems, and less indoctrination about what to think. This year, especially, is filled with anger and uncertainty. But there is also love, and hope lights the way.

Micha'elah Malmen

Performance Athletics Gymnastics


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