Templeton dispensary decision is expected



After months of delay, the San Luis Obispo County Planning Department is finally expected to decide the fate of a proposed Templeton medical marijuana dispensary at its meeting on Jan. 10.

Now, after two straight meetings in which only four planning commissioners attended, thus preventing the board from being able to hold a formal vote, local cannabis seekers could find out if they'll be able to get their prescriptions filled in SLO County.

The dispensary's proposed site is located in a business park complex at 3850 Ramada Drive. The location of the dispensary has been a major issue from the get-go.

A county staff report requires a minimum of 1,000 feet between a medical marijuana dispensary and any playground. Exact measurements between the proposed dispensary location and a pre-existing park have been argued about since the project was first proposed.

"While the dispensary clearly complies with the ordinance, you have a situation where a commission member may vote to deny it simply because it's a political situation," Koory said. "The commission members are politicians first. They may perceive this as a way to score points with their constituents."

Koory added that if the dispensary is denied, applicant Austen Conella may apply at another building in the same complex just a couple of doors down.

New Times was unable to contact a member of the planning commission as of press time.

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