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Templeton hospital is too large for location



Yes, SLO County is in need of a behavioral health hospital. However, the proposed 91-bed behavioral health facility, plus 60-bed assisted living care facility, just approved by the Planning Commission is too massive for the location (at a total of 151 beds, it’s larger than the 122-bed Twin Cities Hospital). The only roads in are two lanes wide and already carry plenty of traffic. This is a city-scaled project being shoehorned into the center of a surrounding low-density rural residential area. With due respect to the commissioners, who were bombarded with emotional arguments from people who do not live in the area and would not suffer the consequences, this is not an example of good planning. We hope it is appealed.

How many North County, or even SLO County, residents would use a 91-bed behavioral health facility? Enough to fill all 91 beds? Or would patients also be brought in from throughout the state and even adjoining states? It’s clear the profit incentive, not the needs of the community, is driving this effort. This large-scale project should not be forced on a small community, which does not welcome it. It would cause permanent adverse consequences.

-- Patricia and Bruce Everett - Templeton

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