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Thank a teacher



The California Retired Teachers Association, CalRTA, is celebrating “Retired Teachers Week,” Nov. 2 to 8. This is a special week for retired educators, both teachers and administrators, to be recognized for their valuable contributions to our community during their careers and into their retirement. We know that teachers (which includes more than the just the man or woman working with your children in their classroom) help open the eyes of our next generations to the opportunities and possibilities of their futures.

I can remember my first grade teacher, Mrs. See, who took spring semester off to travel the world. The next year her former students marveled at her slides of Europe, the Pyramids, and even real kangaroos—I knew I wanted to be a world traveler.

Now is a time to think about your own school years and remember teachers who not only taught what was needed, but often spent money out of their own pockets to provide a memorable experience for their students. And realize that they really didn’t have “three months off for summer vacation,” but went to summer school workshops to learn about the newest, innovative, and effective learning tools and ways of teaching, while developing new units for the next year.

So please, thank your child’s or grandchild’s teachers, and when you can, help out in some way to support the fine schools along the Central Coast.

Teachers never stop caring.

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