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Thank you, from GALA

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Thank you for the excellent reporting in the July 4 Pride edition of the New Times. I was delighted to see the in-depth coverage of important topics such as LGBTQ-plus mental health and body positivity!

While Pride is celebratory, there are many battles still to come as we strive for equity and inclusion. As you mentioned in the issue, the California Healthy Kids Survey results show our LGB and T school-aged youth don't feel anywhere near as safe as their non-LGBTQ-plus peers, and we need to do better for them.

GALA appreciates every friend and ally whose kindness is a preventative factor when it comes to negative mental health outcomes. Thank you for taking the time to tackle these topics—and thank you to all the reporters and photographers who made it possible.

Michelle Call

executive director

Gay and Lesbian Alliance of the Central Coast


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