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Thank you, Los Osos and Baywood Park


With all the bad news about how Target did not let the Salvation Army put their kettles in front of their store, I want to share some good news.

It is gratifying to report that because of the kindness of Vons and Ralph’s of Los Osos, the Salvation Army was allowed to place their familiar kettles in front of their stores.

And, because we have so many civic-minded citizens in our little village, we were able to muster the volunteers needed to have someone at the kettles for the 192 two-hour shifts that were needed.

And, because the shoppers at these two stores opened their hearts and wallets, we have surpassed the amount collected from previous years.

I am happy to report that you, our generous neighbors, contributed $10,826.48.

Be assured that all monies collected are used for the needy citizens in the immediate area, with the exception of 10 percent, which goes to the State Headquarters.

Again, thanks to all who made this effort an outstanding success, and ting-a-ling-a-ling until next year.


Len Soldano

Salvation Army coordinator

Los Osos

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