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Thank you, Pacific Beach High


I want to acknowledge Pacific Beach High School (PBHS) for my son's amazing success. He was struggling at San Luis Obispo High School. Then the SLOHS administration told me about PBHS. PBHS is a very small high school (about 40 students per grade) designed for under-performing students like him.

Their classrooms have a much better student-teacher ratio with an average of 13 students per teacher. The average class size in 2011-12 was 21.2 pupils for public elementary schools and 26.8 pupils for public secondary schools in the U.S.

My son acknowledges that so much more one-on-one time with the teachers is what helped and motivated him. He finished his high school career a semester early by taking on extra classes (you can do that at PBHS), and taking them seriously.

He was one of only three graduates to earn a prestigious award for perseverance in turning his academic career around. Can you imagine what could happen to America's next generation if we spent enough on education that all students had such a low student-teacher ratio K-12?

If your 10th and 12th grade student is struggling, then be sure to ask about PBHS or a school like it. They have more teachers per student, but I also understand that one of their primary goals is to prepare students to attend community college. Look for that feature also when considering an alternative high school.

Again, I want to publicly acknowledge PBHS for turning my son's academic career around. Kudos to all the teachers and staff at PBHS.


San Luis Obispo

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