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Thanks for the local political coverage


Thank you for Quinn Brady's opinion piece, "The Coming Mess" (May 13). Ms. Brady highlighted the actions on the part of our current SLO County Board of Supervisors to thwart a free and fair electoral process. Their decision to allow large campaign contributions, which will be largely funded by out-of-county lobbying groups, seemed largely pushed through under the cover of darkness. Their subsequent decision, against any reasonable argument, to limit voting options was a blatant move to quash votes. The upcoming "redistricting," which will be conducted by their partisan staff, makes one despair that we will ever be able to have a truly representative board. Hopefully, in educating us abut this situation we will be more aware and more vocal about our positions on these issues.

We are fortunate that the New Times and The Tribune provide coverage of local political issues, so that despite the Board of Supervisors' blatant attempts to push through these changes almost without notice, at least we are informed.

Emily Rosten

San Luis Obispo

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