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Thanks for the odd memories

San Luis Obispo



Your article on Oddworld Inhabitants (“The oddysee, exoddus, and wrath of Oddworld Inhabitants,” Dec. 15) brings back many memories. We were the architectural firm that worked with Lorne Lanning and Sherri McKenna in developing their work space, above the “Ross For Less” store. Needless to say, the simple design for their office was indicative of their unique and unusual business.

It was with sadness and a feeling of loss when they left town and moved on. Our experience in designing the project, for people as creative as O.I., was both memorable and moving. We witnessed the growth of a new “cultural way of life” (the world of gaming) and had no basis by which to gage any unique design requirements with the exception that it had to be “different,” facilitating, and have a pool table and a kitchen area. The rest of the layout was to provide an introverted working environment without a “view.”

There is a long, all-white, slightly curved and truncated wall, running lengthwise, that has office doors and windows spaced periodically with an open lobby space off the Higuera Street side. The pool table occupied the other end of the building overlooking Monterey Street (employee lounge). That was it.

They were amazing people with an amazing level of very unique and creative ideas. Wish they were still around.

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