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Thanks for the photo contest memories

This was my first time entering the contest, and I only did so at the last minute due to the persistence of my wife, Mary.

Your staff really went all out to make the event a memorable occasion. I was impressed by the many images that were displayed, and understand there were more than 500 who participated in the contest.

I'm not one to promote my work, and in fact this is only the third time during my many years of shooting that I have done so. I had received a telephone call from one of your staff members early Sunday morning informing me that I had won. She didn't say where I placed in the competition, but asked that I be at the New Times office Wednesday (Nov. 8) for the awards ceremony.

To say I was surprised to learn I had placed first in the professional animal category is an understatement. I would really hope that those photographers out there, amateur and professional, who have thought about entering the New Times Annual Photo Contest but haven't, would do so next year.

It was a great display of some fine photography. Your efforts speak for themselves, and again I thank you for a wonderful memory.

Richard Bastian

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