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Thanks for the warning




I appreciated your article on Lyme disease (“Take precautions to avoid Lyme disease,” Sept. 11, 2008). I am currently recovering from Lyme disease, having been bitten by a tick in San Luis Obispo County 18 months ago. Jacque Simmons’ experience with the medical community here in the county is the same as mine (with the notable exception of Dr. A. Talieh of Bagheri Medical Group in San Luis Obispo).

As my energy increases and the disease quits ravaging my otherwise healthy body, it is my goal to interview the dozen others with Lyme disease here in our county, documenting their experiences and medical journeys toward cure. My hope would be to prevent others from having to suffer needlessly by educating the public about those of us who have had to struggle to find Lyme-literate medical care in our state.

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