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Thanks, 'Gang of Three'

San Luis Obispo



Referring to the New Times article “SLO buys $6,500 in iPods for art juries” (May 26), which says employees call councilmembers Dan Carpenter, Andrew Carter, and Kathy Smith “The Gang of Three”:

These are probably the same employees who are rude, unhelpful, and complacent in their jobs and tell residents “That’s not my job” when asked for help.

SLO City employees forget that the residents pay their salaries.

When SLO City has to declare bankruptcy and they no longer have their cushy jobs, maybe they will have plenty of time to contemplate what they are missing.

Thank you, “Gang of Three,” for your extremely hard work on behalf of the taxpaying residents of SLO City! Perhaps someday there will be a “Gang of Five.”

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