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Thanks to Ashbaugh and Romero

San Luis Obispo



I know you have received much negative mail regarding the parking lot for Mitchell Park.  I would like to give some positive comments.  I thank Mayor Romero and John Ashbaugh for trying to work out a compromise solution to this situation.  Mr. Ashbaugh did meet and listen to both sides of the issue.  He spent many hours checking on a solution for the safety of the heritage tree that people wanted protected.  I wish all elected officials would be interested in solving issues by considering and working out a compromise.  

     I wish our unions would do the same.  The pay raise given to the policemen is excessive.  In these times, when people are lucky to have a job, if the unions would negotiate a just wage and not make it so hard for cities and states or auto makers to pay such high wages and benefits, I do think we would be able to sell our products for less and people would accept less money. The head people don’t need millions in salaries to live—they also should lower their lifestyles to help keep our country successful.  What good is it for our government to loan money when it will be used to pay high wages to CEOs and salaries to workers who could live simply and still survive?

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