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That crazy v-word


Thank you for publishing an article that discusses the crazy v-word ("Right to choose," May 30). Vaccine—a word that has become a stigma to discuss, only whispered behind closed doors, muffled behind coffee cup conversations, and texted in code. And don't even think about sharing the fact that your child has a medical exemption to your neighbor. I mean, what would they think? Would child protective services show up at your door? I am serious when I say this.

My child was vaccinated as we were told. He got seizures as a result—but we should take more for the team, right? What if, when my friends and family heard of my son's reaction, they actually thought twice before blindly accepting their next shot at the trusted doctor's office? They haven't, which should really make more of us frown and wonder why. Not that they have to stop vaccinating; that is their choice. But why are we afraid to ask questions about and do our own research on the true risks of medical procedures (insert v-word here) so that we may make informed decisions?

Thank you New Times for not being afraid. For doing your job and for allowing more information to be published that will spark conversation and allow folks to make their own choices so that freedom of choice will stay alive and well. A freedom that my Marine grandfather fought for, my Marine cousins are fighting for, my Coast Guard husband is working for, and friends have died for.



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