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That think tank's as nonpartisan as the Tea Party

San Luis Obispo



Amy Traub’s commentary (“Bus drivers didn’t crash the economy,” Sept. 18) lists her as “director of research at the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy, a nonpartisan, think tank ... .”

First, if you Google Amy’s employer, their website says “DMI is a non-partisan, non-profit think tank that provides ideas that fuel the progressive movement.” The statement is clearly an oxymoron. The progressive movement is as nonpartisan as the Tea Party; neither are nonpartisan organizations by any stretch of anyone’s imagination.

Second, the website goes on: “DMI uses the lens of today’s middle-class squeeze to call for good jobs, affordable education and healthcare, a strong labor movement, progressive immigration policy—things that not only strengthen the middle class, but enable low income families to advance.”

Yet she claims that the organization is “nonpartisan.” Perhaps she hasn’t checked. That’s the agenda of one of the major political parties, but not the other. Decide for yourself if her organization is what it purports to be.

Third, the Bus Driver for America has driven our economic bus for almost two years now, causing/aggravating the crash of the economy. The one thing businessmen won’t do is invest capital and hire employees for future growth when the entire economic landscape is papered with uncertainty.

For example, if we owned a retail store downtown with an empty space next door, we might consider expanding and hiring people. However, our five-year lease just expired and the landlord is unwilling to quote us any rent for the next two or three years. But he says only month to month. What would you do?

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