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That’s right, Shredder, I was skiing


To the editor (and the Shredder):

I believe the City Council should hire the best people they can, give them general direction and funds, and then let them do their job. In San Luis Obispo we are very fortunate to have an outstanding police chief in Deb Linden and an outstanding administrative officer in Ken Hampian. During Mardi Gras weekend they had everything under control. In cases such as riots, the city is better served by my not being on the front lines. However, city staff briefs me on a regular basis whether I’m home or off skiing.

P.S. Shredder, I’d gladly head off with you to shush moguls at Mammoth — if you’re sure you can keep up.


Mayor Dave Romero

San Luis Obispo

Editor’s note: The mayor offers further defense of his whereabouts in this week’s commentary on page 17.

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