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The 99-percent stimulators get my vote

Paso Robles



I found out that Ron Paul wants to abolish the federal income tax and replace it with a federal sales tax. It would have to be about 20 percent. The 99 percent pay more in payroll and sales taxes than income tax. For the 1 percent, it is the opposite. The less your income, the higher the percentage going for sales tax.

It would transfer the burden from the rich to the middle class and poor. Sales are down now. A federal sales tax would cut back on sales. When sales are down, there are no good investments, so bad ones are invented, like the ones that caused the crash. When sales go up, there will be plenty of good investments, and the 1 percent will not need government stimulus to make them.

I will vote for candidates who will stimulate the income of the 99 percent, not the 1 percent.

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